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Kenneth Marston [Trainer] 200206-tk
Player Details

Alias:  I prefer to go by TJ. Just my initials.
Gender: I am male.
Age:  I am 19 years old.
Notes: Well, what can I say. I’m currently a college student, studying chemical engineering, so I apologize in advance for anytime when I’m not able to post because of stress with school.

General Details

Name/Alias:  Kenneth Marston, and doesn't mind being called Ken.
Age/Birthday: 18 Born on 10/21
Hometown: Dragon Metro
Sexuality: Straight

Trainer Details

Race: Human
Occupation: Trainer
Specialty: Ground
Starting Poke': Spheal
Starting Tech: PCP, 5 pokeballs (Trainer’s Package, 50c) Also holding onto the 25c.
Specialty Skills:  
[Major] General knowledge- Kenneth has a wide array of knowledge on many subjects from all of his studies.
[Major] Photographic Memory – Ken can quickly take in information and remember it like a charm. He can also use this to member his surroundings.
[Major] Defensive fighting - As a child, he was forced to take multiply defensive martial arts.
[Minor] Quick thinking – Kenneth can be put on the spot and react accordingly, being able to assess risk vs reward very quickly.
[Minor] Smooth talker- Ken has a way with words. He can talk himself out of most sticky situations. Except when it comes to talking to woman.
[Minor] Riding- His parents had forced him into polo, meaning he had to learn how to ride.
[Minor] Wilderness training - Another thing Ken was forced into was the Teddiursa Scouts (cub scouts), so he understands how to stay alive in the wilderness.
[Minor] Swift Swim (:P)-Ken was also a part of a swimming team as a child, making him quite confident in the water.

Cosmetic Details

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 182 pounds
Body Type: Kenneth is of a medium build. He is not a twig by any stretch of the imagination, but at the same time he’s not a body builder. He has enough muscle on his body to be able to pull off some athletic feats, but certainly won’t be leaving people awestruck with his abilities.
Body Issues: Somewhat near sighted.
Skin Color: Is fair skinned.
Eyes: Has rich, dark green, eyes
Hair: Blonde messy hair. Keeps it tied out of his face with a bandanna.
Features: Keeps a pair of glasses in a hard case on his person.
Clothing: Kenneth has never been one to wear anything too fancy.  Most notably about his clothing choices is his red bandana that keeps his messy blonde hair out of his face. It tends to hang fairly low, often casting a shadow over his eyes and making it a little hard to see them. When it comes to the rest of his wardrobe, he keeps things simple and fairly light. He’ll often be wearing tan, baggy cargo pants with two larger pockets on the legs of the pants with two smaller ones below each along with the normal pockets up near the waist line. For a shirt, he can be expected to have a dark blue t-shirt, with a gray jacket in case of some unsightly weather.
Face Claim: TK from Angel Beats.

Persona Details

Kenneth is a pretty cool and collected individual. He’s never been one to let his emotions get the best of him, only with the occasional rare outburst. But even then, he’s laid back most of the time, and is often called a slacker, which a lot of people assume just by how he stands, hands in his pockets and his relaxed shoulders. He hates having to be stuck with work, and would rather be doing whatever he wants to do. He rarely takes anything seriously, often turning anything he was to do into some kind of game. And normally turns into him procrastinating till the last minute. He is always for doing something more entertaining. This often tends to make him quite adventurous and always taking detours when heading somewhere. However, there is a limit to how easy going is he. He can’t stand failing, and will often try just enough to come out on top; which tends to make him a little competitive at times when the situation is tense. But aside from that, he’s still a friendly person and pretty easy to approach, even when in his competitive mode.
On the off chance that Kenneth does become aggravated, he becomes a much more stern and serious person. He becomes a lot more like he was when he was younger. For Ken, the time for fun and games is suddenly over. He’s much colder than he was before, which becomes obvious as he pushes his bandanna up higher, giving everything a clear view of his cold stare; his normal slouched back, hands in his pockets, stance turns into a strong stance with his arms crossed and his chest out. During this time, he becomes extremely focused on whatever it was the pissed him off. He’ll even pull out his glasses to wear, because even as much as he hates to admit it, he works a lot better with them on.
If there is one thing that phases him, it’s an attractive woman. Growing up, Ken never really had a chance to get into the dating game. Because of that, he has no idea what to do when around a good looking woman. He’ll be nervous, jittery, and often turns into putty in their hands in some cases. Every time he sees a ‘damsel’ in distress, Ken can’t stop himself from jumping in and helping out.

Mental Issues:  N/A
Likes:  Ken’s favorite kind of meal is anything with some kick to it; he loves to eat spicy food. Ken is always up for new experiences as well, since he wants to make up for the time he lost. Ken also looks for every opportunity to explore nature, always letting his curiosity for the unknown get the best of him.

Dislikes:  Ken doesn't take kindly to any kind of threat, unless it obviously a joke. Having to buckle down and work hard one anything is also something he tries to avoid unless his competitive side gets in the way of it. Ken is also easily scared by ghosts. To him, they don’t make sense, and shouldn't exist, which just scrambles his brain when he sees one.

Goals:  Ken’s goal is to just be free to do what he wants, for once in his life.

Fight- Kenneth in general hates anyone that threats, or hurts other people. He becomes very agitated when he sees someone trying to control another person.
Flight- Kenneth is a rational person, he doesn’t have much in line of irrational fears. However, anything that certain seems like certain death is a pretty good reason to get the f*ck out of dodge.
Panic- (Lose of control) Kenneth can’t stand the idea of not being in control of his outcomes. If he was taken captive, for example, he would be hysterical because of not having control over what he can do.  

Relationship Status:  Is currently single. Both parents are alive and well (and completely assholes).

History:  Kenneth was born to a very well off family. Both of his parents were very successful in life, both of them being CEO’s in two very large companies. Just like they’re parents had expected from them, Ken’s parents expected him to be perfect. They did everything they could to make sure he would be just that: Perfect. They would read to him in the womb, he was enrolled in special classes at an early age, he was even reading by the time he could walk by himself.
At the age of five, he was enrolled in one of the most prestigious schools in the country. And Ken, just as quiet and serious as ever, just kept pushing forward. He passed all his classes near the top of his class, and was even expected to preform just as well outside of class. He was forced into all kinds of activates like fencing, defensive martial arts, etc., and just like his classes, he was the best of his class.
Ken’s parents couldn't be prouder of him. He was heading down the exact course they had expected him to.  And just as obedient as ever, Ken pressed forward through life, almost like he was a robot the entire time. He had no friends, no social life, not even a girl that he had a crush on. He simple got up every day and went about the same schedule, day in and day out.
At the age of 15, everything just a turn. Ken was writing his application to college, still over a year from going, when he finally sat down and thought for himself. He had no idea what he was even doing in life. Where he was thinking about what he was going to be for the rest of his life, and he hadn't even made a single friend before. Ken had enough for once. He couldn't stand how his childhood was over, just like that. Ken wasn't going to stand for it, he was going to do wanted to do no matter what his parents had to say about it.
The day his letter of approval came, he torn it up and wrote back, thanking the college for its consideration but declined the offer. His parents were furious with him, but he couldn't care less. For once he was taking control of his life. Following his last year of school, which he still managed A’s without trying, Ken finally took the chance to just go out have fun, and was promptly brought back home in a cop car for disrupting the peace.
Over the next two years of wondering what he wanted to do with his life, he discovered a spheal that had been abandoned for reasons unknown to Ken. Taking it in and caring for it himself, while keeping it hidden from his parents, he finally knew what he wanted to do: becoming a trainer. Sneaking out with a few of this belongs to pawn off for enough starting money, he ran from home to finally be free from his parents controlling ways.

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