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Post by Sirenapples on Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:16 pm

The Personal Computer is the section where you list all your pokemon and given items.   Both stored pokemon and items within the PC and active pokemon and items you have on you are listed here for record keeping.  Store items that are not on your person but not stored in the PC here as well,  but star such items/pokemon with an asterisk to mark them and mention where they are at.
Include a description of the item,  what it is,  what it does,  how you got it.  And a description of the pokemon,  what type it is,  what moves it knows,  a very short summary of it's personality,  ect.

Personal Computer Info NormalIC_BigPersonal Computer Info FightingIC_BigPersonal Computer Info FlyingIC_BigPersonal Computer Info PoisonIC_BigPersonal Computer Info GroundIC_BigPersonal Computer Info RockIC_BigPersonal Computer Info BugIC_BigPersonal Computer Info GhostIC_BigPersonal Computer Info SteelIC_Big
Personal Computer Info FireIC_BigPersonal Computer Info WaterIC_BigPersonal Computer Info GrassIC_BigPersonal Computer Info ElectricIC_BigPersonal Computer Info PsychicIC_BigPersonal Computer Info IceIC_BigPersonal Computer Info DragonIC_BigPersonal Computer Info DarkIC_BigPersonal Computer Info FairyIC_Big

Active Pokemon-

Active Items-

Stored Pokemon-

Stored Items-


[i]Active Pokemon[/i]-

[i]Active Items[/i]-

[i]Stored Pokemon[/i]-

[i]Stored Items[/i]-

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