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Dragon Metro Info Mkx1DWk
Dragon Metro

The Dragon Metro is the largest urban area of Noxis,  comprised of twenty two districts and boasts a population in the 5 million mark.   It has a very large core hub of activity on the peninsula where hundreds of skyscrapers are clustered in a manner that blocks out the sky,  or seems like a massive wall of steel and light.     Then,  the skyscrapers end abruptly as city limits are met and give way into different districts,  the starkest contrast being between the core district and the slums,  which are in turn connected to the city's biggest blemish;  the Red Light District.   

Within the Dragon Metro you can find just about anything, it's major multicity urban landscape after all.  Most people live their whole lives here,  plenty not even ever leaving it to begin with.  However,  all are cautioned against crime.   The Dragon Metro has high crime rates and complacency,  with the law enforcement being heavily corrupt here as multiple different gangs war for dominance over the Metro through any means necessary,  tugging strings of politicians as they go.   It's dangerous to be a cop here,  and most cops don't bother leaving the central districts and keep busy trying to keep them free of crime before they even think about trying to clean out the Red Light District.

The Dragon Metro is dominated by a kaleidoscope of colors as body modification and dramatic color alteration are the norm.  Most people have piercings, tattoos,  alternatively dyed skin, hair, and eyes.   Fashion here is gaudy and extremely skimpy while being overly showy.   It is common for breasts to be exposed here in various manners incorporated into one's attire from holes in shirts for full exposure,  partial exposure, or just nip-exposure.  Less common but still a thing in the Dragon Metro is even less decent by our standards,  is a niche trend where one's own nether regions are exposed similarly incorporated into design.   Transparent materials are becoming all the more popular,  as are port rings,  rings embedded in clothing to create holes like little windows through the clothing,  with or without transparent material within it.

If you spend time outside of the central districts,  you best be ready for a fight,  a dirty fight,  remain low,  or bribe your way through the local gangs.   The different gangs have different territories that don't line up with district maps,  but the locals can always tell when there is an overlap in territories by the frequent fighting as they dispute the territory.   

The Police work hard to keep gang activity out of the central districts to keep the peace and general population happy,  and it checks out for the most part and it manages to keep up a facade of order.

The worst and most heavily contested area in the Dragon Metro is the Red Light District.

Dragon Metro Info 10cTBLx

Red Light District

The Red Light District is the central hub of all gang violence and territorial disputes, nearly every wanna be gang dreams of owning it.   The Red Light District has historically been the most violent and corrupt of all the districts.  It started out as it's own small town that was heavily run by a single landlord that invested in sex and drugs.   As populations grew and time past,  it evolved into a city all its own that merged with the other rising cities in the area and with heavy bribes and a deeply entrenched culture of crime,  the Red Light District remained untouchable until it was eaten away from the inside out by it's own nature.  The original landlord family split off,  each sibling deciding they wanted to be the one to inherit the land.   They formed their own gangs with which they fought over the territory in an internal war that eventually spread out to effect the entire budding Metro.  Each gang founded by a member of the founding families.   Being in a gang was suddenly the thing to do and every other jumpstart wanted to join or start their own.   The major gangs held strict control however,  and in their brutality they would silence opposition leaving only the strongest to emerge.

Fast forward a century and a half and the Dragon Metro is a sprawling metropolis and the Red Light District more populated and shining with neon than ever,  most the founding families had died off and the remaining two joined together to form a single gang in an attempt to strengthen their heritage and once again join to become The Family.   The Family is now one of the three largest gangs and holds the most influence over the Red Light District,  ruthlessly eliminating any claims put in by others and weeding them all out. 

But what does the Red Light District have to offer?  Why would anyone want it?

The Red Light District is full of light and openly advertises carnal pleasures.  Strip Clubs,  adult toys,  fetish dens,  brothels, and adult theaters are the largest of it's businesses but just about any illegal activity can be found here.   Until half a decade ago the Red Light District was the largest hub of slave trading as well,  where many people who "Disappeared" end up for sale exposed on some stage as they're auctioned off.   But since a recent change in management by The Family,  the Slave Trade has become underground even by Red Light standards as The Family cut itself off from and violently takes an opposed stance towards the practice and is responsible for the exposing and dismantling of several major slave markets.

Dragon Metro Info UYWXXbt

Melusine Arena

Melusine Arena is one of the bigger attractions of Dragon Metro.  Melusine is an arena/stadium that is entirely changeable.  A series of six base plates govern magnetic chains of interlocking plates to which the surface is capable of becoming extremely slick, spongy,  or rough and change colors on the fly at the command of electric signals.  This allows it to take on any new design for any purpose and morph to change the seating of the crowd,  or even provide dynamic settings for sports designed to make use of it.

The Melusine Arena hosts any number of activities from pokemon battles,  Cospecies sports,  or standard sports and is often capable of joint events where the arena breaks off into three separate areas for three different simultaneous events.   It can make full use of it's 1,000 meter square area reserved exclusively for it's various shapes for it's different events,  including land rights to the entire undergound area extending another 1,000 meters belowground and 1,000 meters above it.    Underground stores of excess chain-plates and base plates allows it to generate incredible structures for unique experiences.

Twice a year the Melusine Arena hosts a widely acclaimed event called the Mel Games where the entire space is used up to generate a massive tower full of new and unique areas for pokemon trainers to enter and explore to find a combined hundreds of clue cards to unravel a mystery puzzle found on the top floor,  battling one another for the different clue cards that they find.

There is always something to watch at the Melusine Arena and never a dull moment.

Dragon Metro Info Asian-10

Dragon Gym- 8th

The Dragon Gym is the eighth gym in Noxis and is located in the Orient District,  a cultural center that is a significant shift away from the usual concrete and towering skyscrapers.     It is, unfortunately,  only a district away from the Red Light District and has much of it's own vices that compete with the Red Light District,  but boasting a much more fantastical atmosphere of sorts with significant draw and is slowly overtaking the Red Light District,  especially in recent light of the Red Light's stance against slavery moving the trade to the Orient district.  

The Dragon Gym looks like an oriental palace set high on stone foundations and swooping clay typed roofs leveled over one another gracefully.   After the main greeting room trainers pass through a series of trials through rooms that are filled with hallucinogenic vapors and many carvings of dragons lining rooms which are themed after the anatomy of a dragon,  entering through a mouth-like entrance to find the first room:  The Scales,  where every surface seems to be scaled.    The Hide,  where every surface seems to be of moist fresh leather.   The Muscle,  where every surface seems to be living meat.   The Veins, where every surface is a mass of veins pulsating as blood pumps through it.   The Bone,  where every surface is comprised of large draconic bones,  with human bones comprising furnature and snapping under foot.   Here you travel up a staircase at the end that lowers from the ceiling at the far side of the level that appears to be a massive spine.   The Brain-  Where the guild master waits.  The Brain combines the features of all the past levels,  where it appears that you are within a skull with flesh and veins clinging to the bone walls and two large eyes are inverted to stare inside at what goes on within on the far side of the level,  each one bigger than a truck.   The floor seems to be made of brainmatter.  Many fangs seem to be growing out from the inside of the skull and even penetrate into the massive brain-floor at random intervals around the edges of the room.  They even grow from the brain up as though they were stalagmites.  On the ceiling is a blanket of dark clouds crackling with electric currents and causing it to rain on the arena area that runs along the ridges in the brainmatter to disappear around the sides of the arena.   The fight is 3v3.

The guild master is Krawotan Pain:
Dragon Metro Info Kabura10

Pain is a dark-skinned individual with a styled black beard and wild hair on the long side, for a male.  He wears silk shirts and pants with a port ring exposing much of his back which shows the tattoo of a skull with an R on it's forehead and a stick of dynamite crossed with a a firework below it,  and two smaller port rings lower on his back between his hips and spine.    His pants have to port rings exposing a small amount of his bum-cheeks.   He also has a transparent material on the inside of his thighs that extends down to his ankles,  though thankfully does not extend fully to expose his crotch(Though remember,  that wouldn't actually be seen as particularly weird to a lot of Dragon Metro citizens),  though you can get a glimps every now and then from the sides.  

Pain is very much an overconfident individual and things very highly of himself.  He hates women simply because they are so different than him,  and goes as far as to only like men who look similar to him with similar taste in fashion and someone who dotes on him.  Remarkably,  he does actually get around with this attitude and has two men that serve him in a variety of ways.

Pain wont take a challenge from a woman seriously,  so you'll need to persuade him somehow to show him you mean business.  Otherwise he may ignore your challenge.   He doesn't really take anyone particularly seriously to be honest,  but at least he usually wont ignore the challenge of a man.    As such,  all his pokemon are male.

Pain uses the following pokemon:
Tyrantrum l58, Hydreigon l65, Garchomp l60, Dragonite l59, Druddigon l58.

Tyrantrum: (Rock | Dragon)
Ability- Strong Jaw-+50% power to bite moves (Rock Head- No recoil).
Item- Muscle Band (+10% physical damage dealt)
Head Smash- Rock.  Physical.  Power = 150.  Accuracy = 80.  5 uses.  No recoil due to Rock Head.
Earthquake- Ground. Physical. Power = 100.  Accuracy = 100.  10 uses.   Double power if underground.
Dragon Claw- Dragon. Physical. Power = 80.  Accuracy = 100.  15 uses.  
Crunch- Dark. Physical.  Power= 80.  Accuracy = 100.  15 uses.  25% chance of lowering opponents Defense.
Elemental Fang.  Physical.  Power-50.  Accuracy 85.  Deals Fire, Ice, Poison, Dark, or Electric damage depending on which is most beneficial.  However,  if none are particularly beneficial,  or neutral,  it uses the least beneficial.  
HP- 210.  Attack- 240. Defense 220.  Sp.Attack 100.  Sp.Defense- 90.  Speed- 130

Druddigon: (Dragon)
Ability- Sheer Force +30% power to moves with positive secondary effects. Ignores the damage from Life Orb.   (Mold Breaker- ignore abilities influencing the pokemon's moves)
Item- Life Orb (30% more damage dealt.  Takes 10% damage each attack)
Dragon Tail- Dragon.  Physical. Power=60. Accuracy=80.  10 uses.  Forces a pokemon to return and a new one to come out. 
Hone Claws- Dark. Personal. 15 uses.  Increases Attack and Accuracy.
Rock Slide- Rock. Physical. Power=75.  Accuracy=90. 10 uses.  30% chance to make flinch.  Canceled. +60% damage instead (Sheer + Life)
Giga Impact- Normal. Physical. Power=150. Accuracy=90. 5 uses.  
Iron Tail- Steel. Physical. Power=100. Accuracy=75. 15 uses. 30% defense reduction. Canceled. +60% damage instead.
230 HP.  260 Attack. 180 defense.  100 sp attack. 180 sp defense.  80 speed.

Dragonite: (Dragon/Flying)
Ability- Inner Focus- No flinching.  (Multiscale- takes less damage when at full HP)
Item- Terror Box.  (Plays notes that cause the wearer to be seen as a significant threat,  making pokemon and trainers instinctively prioritize them).
Rest- Fully heals the pokemon but sleeps for two turns.
Sleep Talk- Uses another move while sleeping.
Roost- Heals the pokemon for 50%.  Forces the flying pokemon to land.
Hurricane- Flying. Special.  Power 110. Accuracy 70%. 10 uses.  1/3 chance to cause confusion.  100% accuracy in rain.  50% accuracy in intense sunlight.
250HP.   280 Attack.  220 Defense.  230 SpAtk. 230 SpDef.  190 speed.

Garchomp: (Dragon/Ground)
Ability- Sand Veil (Boosts speed in sandstorms). Rough Skin (Physical attackers take damage on contact 1/8th their max HP).
Item- Dragon Fang- 20% boost to dragon-type moves.
Dragon Rush- Dragon- Physical. Power=100.  Accuracy=75.  20% chance to make the target flinch.
Dual Chop- Dragon- Physical. Power=40. Accuracy=90.  Hits twice, each considered separate.
Dragon Rage- Dragon- Special. x. Accuracy=100.  Always deals 40 damage no matter the target.
Dragon Claw- Dragon- Physical. Power=80. Accuracy=100.
Outrage- Dragon- Physical. Power=120. Accuracy=100. Attacks for multiple turns in a fit of rage and confuses user once ended.

Hydreigon: (Dragon/Dark)
Ability- Levitate- ignores ground type moves.  Contrary (Stat Changes have opposite effect)
Item- Choice Specs- Boosts Special Attack by 50%, but limits the pokemon to 1 move.
Draco Meteor- Dragon- Special- Power=130.  Accuracy=90.  Reduces special attack by 2 stages.   CONTRARY- Raises Special Attack by 2 stages.
HP 210.  Attack 240.  Special Attack 290.  SpDef 190.  Speed 120.

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