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Post by Krepta on Sat May 31, 2014 2:47 am

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Have you ever been in your house, all alone, and come across an item that wasn't there before? Maybe it's a set of keys, or a book, or even something as mundane as a penny. You're certain it wasn't there before, but then again, you're not.

Now imagine that book, or penny, or set of keys was a building. No, a person. No, an entire world. It wasn't there before--- you know it wasn't, but, here it is...! And honestly, you're not certain it wasn't always there.

The entire world at large is experiencing this very phenomenon right now. New places, new people, new heroes and monsters... and no one knows what to do with all the chaos.

And what's worse is... well, we'll let you find out for yourselves...



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