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Post by Sirenapples on Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:50 am

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Applantic Metro.

Applantic Metro is in contest for the largest metro area directly competing against the Dragon Metro.   Applantic,  however,  is far more cultured with a wider spread out area of city with few skyscrapers,  but has a rolling hills vibe going on with lots of color and a very happy population with a great urban landscape that sprawls out as far as the eye can see,  though it doesn't help that there are a number of hills the city lays over making it look like a sea of color and civilization.   Despite the large city,  the Applantic takes measures to encourage growth,  with many roof top gardens and layers of soil set in places where trees and flowers grow.   Many buildings are all interconnected with rooftop walkways making the city itself layered.   It's popular to have open sections of homes where there aren't any walls,  leaving the room open at least on some sides.   

Applantic also boasts the Applantic Theater   the largest stage around renown for the fine arts holding art galleries and stage performances often,  with multiple teams of stagecraft employees and studios that bid for time on the stage for their performances.  It also hosts a number of pokemon coordinator events.  The theater is very large,  the size of four official stadiums conjoined both horizontally and vertically with multiple levels.   It's the largest building in the Applantic and is a major cultural hub,  with in-house housing for masters of the arts to remain on the facility to provide them the tools they need to continue their art, and then house their works in the galleries.   There is always a show or two going on,  and always a dozen or more classes going on teaching a variety of arts.   
Applantic hides a darker secret however,  the entire Applantic Metro is built over the corpse of one of the world's most ancient cities.  It has many sub-levels ranging from modern metal and concrete to wood and stone,  to eventual caves.   This is the Sunken City, as the centuries have pushed the cities of the past down below due to unstable foundations as the land here was very soft and frequently flooded in times past.   In modern times,  the land issue was resolved.   Particularly since there is no natural land within the Applantic Metro districts , as everything is built over the past with false grounds being laid over each past city,  though it falls through randomly in areas and provides many secret openings to the remnants of the past civilization.    The sunken city is a vast Labyrinth and dozens of people disappear within them yearly never to return.

Exploring the Sunken City is forbidden,  but law enforcement cannot bar entry since entries to the sunken city are discovered all the time randomly throughout the city,  some even claim to have seen an entrance and go back to see it having vanished or vice versa with new entrances suddenly appearing where there were none.    Some say a darker force is at work that tries to lure people into the ancient depths...    Hundreds of people disappear every year that are attributed to the Sunken City,  with dozens of reports of friends or families who thought it would be fun to go in on a dare,  never to return or to try to exit only to see their entrance has disappeared!   

The Sunken City is home to large numbers of Ghost and Rock type pokemon,  but the first layer of the Sunken City,  which looks akin to an early 1950's city,  is home to a wide array of pokemon who call it home who were abandoned or lost.   It's still a heavy ghost spot however,  and is dangerous still.  Some of the wild pokemon are resentful of humans,  while others try to help those who are lost.   But beware of ghost pranksters,  or those outright seek to harm humans who enter.   The deeper you go,  the more benevolent the pokemon get.   In the lower levels there are a number of pokemon that prey on humans,  one of the most common being Cofagrigus,  which lies in wait in stone halls to eat humans and spread it's mummification.

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