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New Berry Metro Info Electr10

New Berry Metro

New Berry Metro area is a large urban landscape that dominates an entire peninsula and is technically the largest in regards to taken space.   New Berry is a lovely name for an awfully gristly place.   New Berry is full of factories, warehouses,  and shipyards with vast docks that see the vast majority of ocean bound cargo and from there it is shipped through the region.   The residential and business areas are just as you would expect from a city though it's somewhat smoggy from the factory districts' activities.  It's very industrial in it's design and often has very large, wide roads and channels for the directing of water and the moving of very large machinery.  The city requires a very efficient but complex system of sewers and channels to direct water,  because the New Berry Metro sees a lot of rain.  The area gets pounded by the region's biggest source of storms,  stemming from the west south-west where a major warm water current curves into a major cold water current resulting in a lot of storms.     In short,  New Berry Metro rains.  It rains a lot.  Most days see at least a drizzle and some other days it can be an outright deluge for hours even.  This makes the city feel a little gloomy at times,  especially with the favor it has towards cool lightning and the general haze from smog caused by the industry here.   

It is home to the largest water type aquarium full of observation pathways that wind through a wonderful maze of glowing water tanks packed full of any and all pokemon that call the water their home,  including seaside creatures that don't explicitly live in the ocean but are rather amphibious.   It has scheduled feeding times both for people to avoid or see specifically where animal life and pokemon themselves get fed to the occupants of the tank,  from small goldfish and mice to magikarps and goldeens or more.    The aquarium is a must see site for people who want to learn more about water types,   and it only grows as more research is done on the pokemon or more species are discovered or rare types finally get acquired.   Information embedded in the tanks links to your own PCP allowing you to enjoy your own personal tour and get detailed information about what you want to learn about.

It is also home to the Everclear Docks,  which is removed from the busy shipping docks and reserved more for tourists and travel boats.   The water here is carefully managed as to remain crystal clear,  though just a couple miles down the coast one might see the sheer contrast where clear meets the murky polluted waters.     The Everclear Docks also have a wide beach front that is kept clean with fine sand that attracts a lot of attention and is a go-to spot for a beach experience,  with an excellent international advertisement campaign.  The public sections aren't a good location to find pokemon,  but it's a great spot to chill at the beach and have fun with friends and your own pokemon!

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