The Lone Tree - A Warriors Roleplay

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The Lone Tree - A Warriors Roleplay Empty The Lone Tree - A Warriors Roleplay

Post by Splitstar on Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:43 am

Long ago, before the Clans lived in the forest, before the Twolegs drove out SkyClan, before Rusty was even a thought, there was a tree. This tree stood alone. It rose above the sloping moors, watched over the flowing riving, and stood apart from the forests beside it.

This tree knew nothing other than itself. It held watch over a large boulder by it, silent day and night. One day, an old cat sought shelter beneath its foliage and curled up under its roots, sleeping its last sleep. This cat’s soul rose from its body and climbed up the tree branches, jumping into the stars. As the bones turned to dust and the tree grew, more cats flocked to its protection, eventually fighting over the cover it gave.

A battle ensued. Cat fought against cat, not knowing who was fighting for what. The first cat was angered, his soul leaping from the sky. He landed on the tree, causing it to lose its leaves in one massive leaf-fall. The fighting cats stopped, in awe at the starry cat that appeared before them.

“Why do you fight over the Lone Tree?” he asked. “There are plenty of other territories around for you to share.” The warriors stopped, and like-minded cats traveled to the lands that fit their needs. The Leaves took over the sloping moors, and the Twigs settled by the river. The Logs ran to the oak forest, while the Roots returned to the marshland.

Every moon, the groups gather together under the Lone Tree to have a meeting. They greet the Ancestor and share information, mending the wounds of the first battle. Every half moon, the healers travel to the Tree to sleep under its roots to commune with the Ancestor and each other in the wide expanse of sky. All the cats follow the tree.

The Lone Tree.

Come see what we have to offer:

+Seeking staff members!
+High Ranking positions open!
+Brand new plot!
+Any RPing level welcome!


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