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Cherrys Metro


The Cherrys Metro is one of the cheerier metros that tries it's darndest to market itself as a very happy location full of cheer and wonderment.   It has a lot of parks,  theme rides,  and has a world-renown Pokemon Carnival,   as well as the Pumpkin Fields.   Vast fields full of pumpkins which are something of of a symbol representing the Cherrys metro.   The Pumpkin Fields are vast and landscaped as to be entertaining as well.   Visitors are allowed to pick out a pumpkin for themselves and it often has themed events every so often. 

Cherrys is a wide urban landscape but also covers a massive swath of several thousand acres of vines and pumpkins.  It's full of warm lights and simulated fires giving it all a very orange-yellow glow at night.   It's not a city that never sleeps,  it's a city that comes alive at night with numerous wonders to see, smell, hear,  even touch and of course- taste.  

The Pokemon Carnival is the main attraction and is just what you might expect from one of the world's biggest and brightest carnivals,  it is a wonderland of amusement and treats and is a definite tourist trap.  It's the size of a city in it's own right and makes our own Disneyland look like a back alley funhouse.  

Taking after it's example,  there are dozens of other theme parks that dot the Cherrys metro,  even going as far as integrating with the city itself making for a wild city where the sounds of laughter and screams of thrill fill the air to the point that roller coaster rides that twist between skyscrapers is a common sight.   

Cherrys is in deed a popular location for tourism and couples.  While people may go to the Dragon Metro for cheap flings or strip clubs,  Cherrys is where the real couples go to for romance and couple activities such as ferris wheel rides and love tunnels to soak in the warm lights and enjoy some cotton candy.

Cherrys is also home to the Cherrys Mall.  The Cherrys Mall is the largest shopping center in all of Noxis and indeed,  is at least one of the largest shopping centers in all the world.   The Cherrys Mall is 1,600 meters in horizontal space,  and then extends eighteen stories high and 9 stories below ground and full of elevators and escalators connecting them all together with many balconies and indoor landscaping to provide a magical mall experience one could lose themselves in.   It has a number of play areas and several different large food courts where nearly any dish can be ordered in at least one of them.   

The Cherrys Mall is open 23/7,  closing for an hour every day at midnight for an hour for cleaning and maintenance while major issues can just be shut down locally instead of blocking up the whole mall.    It seems most of it's activity during the day however,  because at night when the city truly comes alive everyone wants to spend more time out and about or exploring the festivities.

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