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Pokemon Balancing Request Guide Empty Pokemon Balancing Request Guide

Post by Sumdumcat on Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:15 pm

So just in case you ever think a particular Pokemon is overpowered or underpowered, you can make a thread in this subforum to request a staff member to address the problem if you follow these steps:

1. Make a thread in this subforum with the name of the Pokemon and whether or not it is overpowered or underpowered. I.E. "Bidoof is too OP"
Pokemon Balancing Request Guide Mega_bidoof_by_darkprincesskikyo-d6sm9cb
2. Start a poll with the options of "Do you think this is OP/UP and should be fixed?"
3. Link it to a staff member once you think you have enough upvotes and a staff member will address the problem. It may take a while for this to happen, even after it gets accepted for revisions.
4. Once the problem is properly addressed, the thread will be locked and an announcement will be made in the changelog (which is a global sticky) as well as in chat and a note will be made in the announcements to make sure everyone knows.

[b]Pokemon Name:[/b]
[b]Why are you Requesting Balancing:[/b]
[b]Suggestions on Fixes:[/b]

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