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Post by TeeJay on Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:34 pm

As we all know, come the end of (almost) every main series pokemon game, you are able to challenge the elite 4 and eventually the champion. The elite four seem to be a fairly set group of individuals, only replacing a member once they've stepped down (as seen through 2nd gen series and remakes with the Kanto elite 4 suddenly changing members) and a champion that can be dethrone.

And if you have seen the anime (haven't watched it in years...), you know that the role of the elite 4 is quite unclear at times, and normally the champion is decided by a yearly tournament.

So why not have both?

This is the Challenger Series. Once a year, a tournament is held to decide the new champion. The original field will face off in a single elimination round, until the top X remain. Placing will be decided at random. Once the field is down to X remaining will face off against the Elite 4. Each competitor will face off against each member of the Elite 4. Once those matches have been determined, placings will be decided based on performance against the Elite 4, and another single elimination round will be held. The last standing person will face off against the current champion.


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