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Post by Sirenapples on Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:12 am

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Apriscott Metro


Apriscott Metro is a city of promise that has it's eyes aimed high towards the future.  Home to 3.6 million residents, Apriscott is responsible for numerous scientific breakthroughs that have lead the the betterment of life in Noxis and across the globe.  It is one of the safest of the Metros with remarkable security measures and policing.   It's laws can be intrusive however and go as far as to interfere with daily life,  including laws that dictate private matters such as what goes on in the bedroom.   Families are limited to one child per household,  while at the same time the city provides free healthcare that includes contraceptives for both men and women alike.   These amount to a relatively low population,  with birth rates as low as a few dozen a year.   On the other hand,  taxes are very high due to all the services the government hands out making total income as low as a a few hundred credits a month. 

In Apriscott you're sure to see clean pristine buildings, roads, and sidewalks litter free without any manner of graffiti.  Most surfaces in the central districts of Apriscott are made of memory materials that repair themselves in moments.  The whole city is wired,  as a figure of speech as there are no physical wires.  The city is practically alive with smart tech and artificial intelligences complete with full time surveillance by machines.   Crime is near nonexistent here,  the only crimes being cyber crimes and crimes that are immoral,  but legal.  Such as corrupt bankers and lawers that jump through every loophole to step on others.  

But life for those who don't think about how tight the grip on them is is peaceful and secure until you get to the outer edges of the Metro where things are bleaker,  where an outright wall between districts keeps them out and prevents crime from leeking over but for the most part Apriscott is a much more serious urban landscape full of light and technology and sleek buildings.  It keeps a very clean and professional atmosphere that just screams hi-tech.  And for good reason.  Apriscott is home to many of the most brilliant minds humanity has to offer fully funded and backed by the city.   The city boasts it's wealth and technology,  pouring millions to billions into funding the Science Institute,  a massive complex full of laboratories, classrooms, and archives of knowledge.  Many new things are invented and tested here.

Space X on the other hand is an off shoot of the Science Institute that broke off to sustain itself where it's own research pursuits aim high,  to the stars,  where they research effective methods of spatial travel,  orbits,  stars,  and the universe in general.   They regularly launch space missions to explore the solar system and beyond,  always looking to refine their methods for security and speed.

Bordering Space X is the International Airport,  where planes are handled for transport throughout the region and inter-region travel,   making use of discoveries by Space X to refine their aircraft.   The lands taken up by the combined facilities stretches for miles,  and has military grade hardware designed unofficially to protect the city,  but also regularly shoots down failed space projects before they can threaten the city with directed energy that reduces the debris to mist over a sustained fire.

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