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Post by Sirenapples on Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:11 am

Abandoned Temple Info Abando10
Abandoned Temple

The Abandoned temple is a large temple complex that dominates an entire island several miles in area to the west of Noxis to the north-east of Bouvardia island.   The temple itself is massive and built on the entierity of the island,  with massive stoneworks that have become entangled in vines and trees but still recognizable.   It is full of yellowish-brown stone with faded carvings, pillars, and statues that litter it in a layered design with multiple stony levels.    Stone wall carvings depict a number of ancient stories including some that researchers believe relate to the Sunken City's lower levels.  

The Abandoned temple is not just a surface work,  but extends deep into underground areas as well,  with many submerged areas that have been flooded with water,  due to some sections extending out into the ocean and having since been eroded away,  allowing water to enter or seep through the stone.   It isn't known how extensive the abandoned temple truly is,  as many areas are impassible for one reason or another.   Some areas are blocked by rubble,   others submerged,   some have heavy stone doors.    The temple is full of secrets and no matter how many expeditions are launched to explore the abandoned temple the teams always end up running into traps,  even in areas they already explored.   This makes adventuring through the abandoned temple extremely dangerous,  as these are legitimate traps meant to cause harm... meant to cause death.    Traps include but aren't limited to:  Primitive explosive traps,  as landmines.  These explosives rely on captive energy in these hard hollow berries similar to used in the first pokeballs.  They are set under the stone in some areas where stepping on the stone causes it to go off,  which often results in the passage being rendered impassible.   Other traps are rolling boulders,  falling boulders,  swinging hammers or blades,  falling ceilings,   closing walls,  spikes optional,   crumbling floors leading to spiked pits,    dart traps (poisoned),  spear traps,  gas traps,   pokemon release traps (Primitives had a form of pokeball relying on hard shelled berries).  

Beyond the traps,  or even the pokemon release traps,  wild pokemon exist in the abandoned temple often consisting of fossil pokemon,  ghost pokemon,  and relicanth within the deep submerged areas.   But the biggest draw for trainers is deep in the under levels where there is an ancient arena with large depictions of Noxis's Old Gods in the room overlooking the arena.  Training or battling in the arena results a 250% EXP boost.   However, defeated pokemon are slain...    And if a trainer runs out of pokemon,  their lives are forfeit.   Quitting the arena results in a curse that causes the pokemon to lose the first two moves it knows and is reduced 2 levels for every 10 levels it possesses.

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