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Blitheweather Manor Forgot10

Blitheweather Manor


The Blitheweather Manor is a very large estate built on several dozens of privately owned land that has since been opened to public exploration.   The Manor itself has restricted access with loose guard details,  though the legends of the manor keep people away well enough on its own.  Legends of unspeakable acts,  of romance and passion lost from horrific tragedy.   The Blitheweather Manor is undoubtedly the single greatest hotspot of ghost type pokemon and mysterious forces in all of Noxis.   The Manor radiates intimidating energy so strongly that people feel shaken just by nearing the manor,  even if they don't know anything about it or have even caught sight of it yet.   

The Blitheweather Manor started as a small cabin that was repeatedly extended and added onto,  originally keeping to a cabin design then becoming more of a castle-esque gothic style,  the cabin being left a ways away from the new main house.  Over time the owners became more crazed and thousands of renovations have taken place with extensions being added hap-hazardly turning the manor into a great building taking up two kilometers with an ungodly array of clashing styles.   Many rooms don't even appear to have any entry points,  windows and doors or even stairways leading to no where.  Windows within the house either with blank walls behind them or leading to entirely separate rooms with just an internal window as access to it.   Nothing in the Blitheweather manor is to be trusted.

Everyone who has ever worked on the Blitheweather manor eventually died of suspicious causes with only a handful of family members linked to the building that remain.   Almost all of them die before the age of 30,  but the families still struggle to survive and live under an apparent curse.    Many people who trespass on the inside of the Blitheweather Manor do not escape,  while those who do are haunted for the rest of their lives.    Hundreds have died for the Blitheweather manor,  as have people who planned to bulldoze the building.    As such it is left alone,  since people who do not trespass within the building seem safe.

Some people say that all the ghost type pokemon on the grounds are actually the spirits of those who died because of the manor and start out trying to warn people away,   while others get corrupted over time and become violent and angry.    Duskull, Bannet, Shuppet, and Litwicks are the most common ghost types with Ghastly coming in next,   then their evolution,  but almost any ghost type can be discovered here even if rarely.  

Be careful where you tread in the Blitheweather Manor,  not all is as it seems.

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