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Safari Zone

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The Safari Zone


The Safari Zone of Noxis is a very large island that has been artificially landscaped and populated with pokemon making a very large national park that regularly holds various catching contests and is a popular location for pokemon trainers.   It's one of the largest safari zones on the planet , being the sixth largest safari zone globally.  The Safari Zone covers many miles with a huge array of landscapes situated around a central snow-capped mountain that rises from the middle of the island and can be seen from anywhere within the zone.    

The entire zone is blocked off with monitoring posts along the island's coastline and people wanting to visit the Safari pay ahead of time and take one of two ferries to the island, where they are given three days to explore the island and capture pokemon using special Safari Balls.   Trainers are not allowed to bring their own pokeballs,  and submit them to the ferry before leaving the boat with the exception of a master ball,  as the master ball is a significant investment on it's own so using it isn't an issue for them,  not nearly as big an issue as being charged to secure it rather than leaving it as the trainer's problem.

The island is divided into many different areas with just about any environment you can think of.   It has rivers,  a lake,  forest, jungle,  marsh/swamp,  rocky mountain slopes,  caves,  a burning cavern system of lava,  stone ruins,  and a mock-city complete with false skyscrapers and cars lying in the streets.      Each environment houses different pokemon planted there and all are up for grabs,  if you can catch it.  

The safari is large and can be dangerous,  so as such trainers are allowed to use their own pokemon to aid in their capture attempts.  However,  Safari Balls have 1/2 the catch rate of a pokeball.   You are given 30 Safari Balls, and once they are all used your time on the island is finished early.   

Entry to the Safari Zone costs 500 credits.

When in the safari zone you must be reasonable and roleplay proper distances.  It takes time to get places,  to travel.   Whenever you post you can roll the Safari Dice 1 time to generate an encounter.   The dice will reveal a category from which a Staff or designated NPC will select from (Never the same one twice) depending on your location within the safari.  

Rolling the Safari Dice is done by selecting the safari dice in the dice rolls box below the text editor when in full editor mode.

The pokemon will always be the same level as you,   and are evolved or not according to that level.  


O= Overpopulated.
C= Common.
U= Uncommon.
R= Rare.

Mountain:  Rocky mountain slopes and crags.  
O: Geodude, Diglett, Sandshrew,Shinx.
C: Spoink, Skarmory,  Rhyhorn, Phanpy, Numel. 
U: Trapinch, Larvitar.
R: Riolu, Cranidos.

Peak:  Icy/windy,  the peak of the mountain is chilling.
O: Spearow, Taillow, Swinub, Cubchoo.
C: Snorunt, Snover.
U: Hawlucha, Gligar.
R: Swablu, Amaura.

Caves:   Caves and tunnels that go throughout the mountain.
O: Aron, Durant, Zubat.
C: Bunnelby, Onix.
U: Drilbur, Roggenrola.
R: Clefairy, Beldum.

Caverns:  The deeper caves that are wider like large rooms,  they're hot and run with lava flows.
O: Slugma, Torkoal.
C: Sableye, Houndour.
U: Heatmor, Magmar.
R: Deino, Carbink.

Plains:  The wide plains and grasslands of the island.
O: Pidgey, Starly, Weedle, Ekans, Hoppip, Oddish. 
C: Yanma, Ledyba, Combee, Sunkern, Doduo, Nidoran.
U: Ponyta, Girafarig, Blitzle, Mareep, Drifloon,

Lake:  A reasonably sized lake that runs deep.   It has a wide area where it meets a river where the water is far shallower and rocky.
O: Magikarp, Feebas, Tentacool.
C: Tirtouga, Mantyke, Qwilfish. 
U: Eelektrik, Carvanha.
R: Inkay, Horsea, Omanyte.

Rivers:   The rivers that run throughout the island.
O: Magikarp, Goldeen.
C: Azurill, Slowpoke, Surskit.
U: Binacle, Ducklett, Gastrodon, Petilil.
R: Dratini.

Forest:  The forest half of the island is full of pines and oaks and is more roomy and bright.
O: Floette, Chingling, Caterpie, Silcoon.
C: Dedenne, Sudowoodo, Snubbull, Spritzee.
U: Pineco,  Sewaddle, Emolga.
R: Togepi.

Jungle:  The jungle half of the island is full of tropical trees and dense overgrowth that doesn't allow a lot of light.
O: Exeggcute, Paras, Cascoon, Bellsprout.
C: Stunky, Murkrow, Hoothoot,Tropius.
U: Pancham,  Phantump, Vullaby.
R: Scyther, Nuzleaf.

Swamp:  The murky swap area where a lot of rivers converge before going out to the ocean,  the land here is full of gloomy trees and bugs. 
O: Spinarak, Grimer, Gulpin, Foongus.
C: Seviper, Ferroseed, Croagunk.
U: Skorupi, Gastly, Venipede.
R: Skrelp, Goomy.

City:  The fake mock-up city with towering buildings of steel and concrete complete with abandoned cars and random put together rooms in the buildings.  Remarkably,  it has electricity and satellite TV.
O: Trubbish, Magnemite, Klink,  Shuppet.
C: Ralts, Pikachu, Vulpix, Helioptile.
U: Espurr, Timburr, Scraggy, Hitmontop,  Elekid. 
R: Rotom.

Ruin:   Opposite of the city,  the Ruins are stony temples and shrines with underground chambers and hidden passageways.  
O: Litwick, Duskull,Natu, Noibat.
C: Baltoy, Honedge, Tyrunt.
U: Sigilyph,  Axew,  Bagon,  Golett.
R: Spiritomb.

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