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Post by Sirenapples on Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:28 am

Western Cave Info Er-wan10
Western Cave

The Western Cave, also called the Underworld,  is a very large cave system with massive caverns full of oddities that happens to link two very large cave entrances on either side of a small mountain range and is a notable trainer challenge that sees a fair amount of pokemon trainer traffic despite- or because of- the danger.   It is easy to get lost in these dark caves though two ranger outposts exist near the entrances to the cave and can be called in for rescue efforts.    Many caverns are big enough for multiple Wailords to party with room to spare,  with the largest two caverns are both large enough to fit six average skyscrapers in it side by side and still not quite reach the top,  while at the widest can three sky scrapers stacked on top of each other and laid horizontally,  and two crossing it (Oval shaped caverns).    Other caverns approach that size with a total of twelve discovered colossal caverns.   and dozens and dozens of smaller/average caverns.   

The entire cave system has never been fully explored,  and exploration teams lead by rangers are always exploring new sections and trying to map the cave system.   People frequently get lost in here,  but thankfully most are discovered later thanks to advancements in PCP technology that allow other PCP users to toggle on a vision overlay that shows the path that the lost person's PCP took,  which allows very effective tracking.    The technology doesn't seem to work effectively outside of the caves,   and definitely not the Rift with it's strange interference the closer you get to the Heart.

Not everyone is so lucky,  however,  as sometimes one's PCP gets broken or damaged and ceases to leave a trail and you may not notice.  Other times it's already too late,  and the rangers don't find them in time.    Anything can happen in the caves,   as the caves still hold many unknown mysteries.    The cave system goes so deep, however, that the air starts to get incredibly hot to the point that people can only remain at the deeper levels for minutes at a time before they have to turn back or face death.   More than a few caverns have been discovered that held a river or pool of lava down there.  

As a direct result,  these caves are home to many ground, rock, and fire type pokemon.    Which in addition to the challenge provides a significant draw to trainers and researchers alike at the prospect of rare finds or new discoveries.

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