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Post by Sirenapples on Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:25 am

Player Details
This section is for you!   Please answer both for convenience and so we can get an idea of the population of the forum.

Alias:  What do you prefer to be called?  There are often a lot of misunderstandings and confusion over this matter,  So we'll solve it here!
Gender: This is optional,  but what is your gender?   Some people get offended if they are referred to as one gender when they are another.  It's hard to tell online.   You can of course just lie and no one would be the wiser,  but this isn't about prying for your information.  What you put here is what you will be referred to as.  If you put nothing,  we'll just go off your character.
Age:  How old are you?  This one is more for data so we can see the age group we're bringing in.  Our target audience is 16-25+,  but this means little.   Sharing your age is a way to let us know how well we're hitting our mark.  
Notes:  Anything you want to say about yourself!

General Details
General details about your character.

Name/Alias:  (The character's name and their Alias or Nickname,  if any)
Age/Birthday: (The character's age and their date of birth, minus the year.   16 is the lowest you can go.).
Hometown: (Where was the character born/raised, where does the character currently live?  Give a brief description of their current residence, if any, and if anyone else lives there.)
Sexuality: (Unsure, Straight, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay, or Pansexual)

Trainer Details
Details regarding your character's trainer effectiveness.

Race:  (Human, Psychic, Cyborg, Hybrid (Hybrid of which pokemon))
Occupation: (Trainer, Breeder, Theatrics, Researcher, Thief, Brute, Cop, Ranger, class from in game as seen here (with obvious limitations, not everyone can be the champion of a region), or custom occupation not listed (must be approved))
Starting Tech: (Starting equipment. List being worked on.)
Link to PC: (This is where you'll list your starting pokemon, just use the [url=Insert pc url here]this[/url] code and put it into this section here.)

Cosmetic Details
Details regarding your character's appearance.

Height: (How tall? Be sure to use lbs and kg)
Weight: (How heavy? Be sure to use m and ft/in)
Body Type: (How would you describe their body and face?  At least 50 words.)
Body Issues: (Any physical issues?  A limb,  missing limb,  heart troubles,  or chronic conditions? Optional.)
Skin Color: (How would you describe their skin coloration?)
Eyes: (What color/shape are the eyes?)
Hair: (What color/style is the hair?)
Features: (Any notable features?  Freckles,  glasses, scars, tattoos? Optional if there aren't any.)
Clothing: (What's their style? Expensive? Cheap?  Average?  Conservative, Trendy, Business, sexy, ect? At least 100 words.)
Face Claim: (A character from an anime or manga whom you claim as your Face, to serve as an existing character with artwork that best represents your character.  Optional,  but highly recommended.  Include an image here,  within a spoiler tag,  or if the images are of reasonable size (No more than 640 width), then you can post them throughout this application in a tasteful manner)

Persona Details
Details regarding your character's psyche and behavior. 

Voice:  (How would you describe their voice and accent?  Shrill, deep, squeaky, hoarse, ect.  Optional.  You can use a video as well.)
Mannerisms/Habits:  (What's their manner?  Are they confident and cool,  nervous and fidgety or shy, ect.   What habits do they have?  Do they say "Um" a lot when they talk?  Do they bite their lip?   What is their usual posture?  What gestures do they tend to use?   Do they suck with managing money?  Are they picky about where they sleep?  Ect.  Go crazy with it.  Minimum of 250 words,  but keep it under a thousand.)
Mental Issues:  (Any mental issues?  Depression, Paranoia,  Narcissism, ect)
Likes:  (Favored foods, activities, type of people, movies, ect.  What things do they enjoy.  At least three.)
Dislikes: (The opposite of the above.  What things bother them?  What agitates or disgusts the character?  At least three.)
Goals:  (What goals do they have in life? At least one notable goal.)
Fears: (What does the character fear?  Try to include a Fight instinct fear,  a Flight instinct fear,  and a Panic instinct fear.  At least one reasonably serious fear,  that can't be a Fight instinct fear)

Relationship Status:  (Any living family members,  friends, lovers,  a boss,  ect.)
History:  The character's history up to the current events.   Minimum 300 words,  and history will be judged for plausibility.
Referral:  Who referred you to the site?  Did you see an advertisement?  Who posted it?   Or did someone refer you personally?  Write their name and source here.   If you do,  you will receive an additional 25 starting credits and a rare candy.  If you are an alternate account of an existing account,  enter your main account here to receive a free premier ball to start.

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