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Post by Sirenapples on Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:39 am

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Riverbottom Ruins

Riverbottom Ruins are the remains of an old major city that once resided on the edge of the very wide river that splits Noxis in two,  during a calamity the river widened and land collapsed into the river causing the widened section Noxis sees today.   The ruins were never fully cleared out and after a century people still go on diving expeditions to explore the ruins.  The major draw being that there was rumored to be both a pokemon archive that housed a massive collection of pokemon archived away within their pokeballs,   and a very large bank said to hold billions of credits worth in precious metal bars of gold and platinum.  

While the city was still thriving it was called Mangrove City and took after a roman style similar to how Hawthorn takes after Japanese culture.   It makes for all the better looking ruins,  tragically.  With many stone buildings and pillars the area is now full of sunken buildings and statues providing a surreal underwater experience.   The river widens over the city area to such an extent it's hardly a river anymore,   being the size of a small sea over which you can just barely see- faintly- the other side of it assuming you have a somewhat high perspective and the weather is clear.   

There are several notable locations in the Riverbottom Ruins;

The Colosseum:     The Colosseum is the remains of,  you guessed it,  a colosseum.  A massive arena of stone that now lies in ruins beneath the deep waters.   It used to be a the foremost location for pokemon and sports tournaments of all manner of battle games.  Now it lies a remnant of what it was.  

The Grove of Graves:  Mangrove City had a large grave site in which the fashion was to use statues of the individuals who's lives met their end rather than tombstones.  Aided by the large mines and overabundance of stonecrafters in Mangrove city,  it was affordable to do so and a portion of the cost was lifted by the local government.    This lead for a large grave site full of stone statues of ancestors.  Most statues broke,   others had pillars fall on them.    The area had many dividing lines formed by pillars with tops on them,   and even rooves and pavillions throughout the grave site.  Now with most the pillars toppled or cracked it's a solemn site said to look something like a "Grove" of graves. 

The Pantheon:   The Pantheon was a large temple built in honor to some of the "old gods" seen in the writings and carvings in the regions many ancient ruins.   Many called it blasphemy,  as there was no intent behind the pantheon other than a novelty.   Some go as far as to contribute it to the calamity that felled the city,  as the gods in question were of Earth,  Water,  and Sky,   matching the events of the calamity:  The earth giving out,  water taking over,  and the sky being blackened out with storm clouds at the time with high winds and torrential rain.  

Within the Pantheon one can find statues to the old gods and related figures of legend,  it also housed a number of artifacts but those have since been looted.

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