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Post by Sirenapples on Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:47 am

Solaris Power Plant Info Waterf10
Solaris Power Plant


The Solaris Power Plant is a great tower tower surrounded by waterfalls,  built on an island in an area packed with water falls on the coast.  The power it generates unobrusively hidden under the water is enough,  combined focused solar energy to produce enough power to provide the major power supply of the entire region of Noxis.   The spires on one tower form an energetic "net" with two other paired towers in order to capture and direct the solar energy  in a refined manner that doesn't take up much space and doesn't have any visual impact on the surroundings except for the three towers themselves and the massive pipe and cable line that runs off to a distribution point from which it is managed, stored,  and divided out to the other cities and metros,  from which it scatters out to surrounding areas as well through use of wireless energy towers,  though the energy has to be delivered through powerful cables to the towers themselves.    

The entire power plant is crafted using smart materials that regenerate damage securing it for the forseeable future against wear.    It is so efficient that the power plant is not manned at all,  running purely on automated systems and self-repairing.   A crew stops by once a month to check systems,  but that is all.   The power plant is a major draw to electric and steel type pokemon,  though water types love the area in general due to the quantity and power of the waterfalls and the connection to the ocean.   But within and around the plant,  it is the number one spot to search for electric types.   

Trainers frequently visit the Solaris Power Plant to test themselves and to find electric pokemon,  and while they're there they can take in the fantastic scenery and enjoy the water falls themselves.   The water here is remarkably pure,  as in the process of extracting energy they also purify the waters as a natural side effect,   making the water in the waterfalls and pools clean enough to drink within a few hundred yards of the falls and in the pools between falls.   The waters are remarkably clear and warm from the process,  slight steam rising from the water making it all the more desirable.   The whole area isn't patrolled by security,   as the tower needs none as there isn't a way one could hack it's systems or cause significant damage without using military heavy explosives to significantly total the area.    But in such a case,  the pokemon in the area themselves rise against the threat and often along with local trainers.   

All in all, the Solaris Power Plant is a wonderful place for anyone to make,  and is simply a must visit for any electric trainer.


Notable Pokemon:
Chinchou- in the surrounding waters.  
Elekid-  in the plant.  
Pachirisu- in nearby woods.  
Emolga- in nearby woods.  
Joltik- in nearby woods.  
Magnemite- in the plant.  
Voltorb- in the plant.  
Electrike- in the woods.

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