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Post by Sirenapples on Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:12 am

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Integrated Design

Integrated Design is the go-to place for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of all HM and TM related products.   Here at Integrated Design you can purchase any technical machine you desire,  for a price.  Integrated Design's main headquarters is in Apriscott Metro with massive data archives and has store fronts in all major districts and cities but can be accessed digitally to pick up your order at the nearest Pokemon Center's data matrix ("PC" equivalent). 

TMs are one-use packets of data that are absorbed into a pokemon on contact through an applicator.
By Request.

HMs are far more sturdy packets of data that can be used and reused, but are impossible to naturally forget.
-Waterborn.  Allows a pokemon to take mastery over their presence withing a body of water to power up waterfalls and whirlpools,  and allow a riding trainer to breath air underwater.  Used in battle it functions as Protect and Reflect, but only for Water type moves. 1000c.

-Clearing Winds.  Allows a pokemon to clear the immediate area of all gasses/clouds and  Safeguard, Mist, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, Light Screen and Reflect.  It also resets all stat changes and ongoing effects.   1100c.

-Superstrength.  Allows a pokemon to shatter stone boulders seven times their size or stone walls,  and the pokemon can leap fifty meters into the air to attack Flying or Bouncing opponents normally.  Even if it would normally be unable to due to size,  the pokemon can carry it's trainer.  It can snap most trees like twigs.  When used in combat,  it's next physical attack deals double damage.  Using it again within 5 turns will cause it to fail.   950c.

Monthly Sale:
Every month there will be three TMs for sale at a heavily discounted price,  one physical,  one special, and one Status TM.  

-Dream Eater | Psychic | Special | Power=100 | Accuracy=100 | 15 PP |: Eats the dream of a sleeping pokemon,  restoring the user's HP by half the damage dealt to the enemy.
Credits: 100c!

-Facade | Normal | Physical | Power=70 | Accuracy=100 | 20 PP |: Deals double damage if the user is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned.
Credits: 100c!

-Sunny Day | Fire | Status | Power=N/A | Accuracy=N/A |: Clears the weather in the immediate area and replaces it with intense sunlight,  boosting the base power of fire type moves by 50%  and the base power of Water-type moves will be decreased by 50%. In addition to this, the moves Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight will recover twice as much HP as under clear conditions, and Solar Beam will not require a turn to charge.
Credits: 100c!

Special Offers:
Unique TMs created by Integrated Design technitians available for a limited time.  Only one person gets to purchase a special offer then it goes off shelf.  They automatically come in a retriever drive.

-Great Rain | Water | Status | Power=N/A | Accuracy=N/A |: Clears the weather in the immediate area and replaces it with a torrential downpour of great force.  This boosts the base power of water type moves by 100%,  and reduces the base power of fire type moves by 90%.  Has all the benefits of Rain Dance.   Deals 1/16th the max HP as damage to all non-water type pokemon in the immediate area.   Lasts until re-cast.   Sunny Day cannot eliminate Great Rain.
Credits:  750c

Featured Items:
Featured Items are player-created Technical Machines that may be purchased.  10% of the cost does to that player.

-Morphing Ball | Normal | Status | Power=N/A | Accuracy=80 |: Morphing Ball functions as Transform,  but transforms the hit opponent instead into a random pokemon [ http://wyncorporation.com/pokemon/index.php ].  Lasts for 1-5 turns.  Special: If the user is in contact with the opponent (Such as through moves such as Wrap, or Bind),  Morphing Ball lasts for the duration of the contact before going on it's own duration,  but for 1-3 turns instead.
Morphing Ball can only be learned by Ditto and Mew.
Morphing Ball can replace 1 of the moves that would be learned by transforming.
Creator: Sirenapples. 
Cost: 550c, (55c. To creator)

Hardware and Upgrades:
Non-TM items and upgrades that can be purchased.

Integrated Design personal technician terminal.
[TMs] Integrated Design Animek11
Become a distributor for Integrated Design today!   By paying a small fee to cover production costs, shipping, and licensing you can become a licensed honorary employee for Integrated Design with all the materials you'd need to start programming your own technical machines right from the comfort of your own home!   
Your designs will be saved through the power of the internet on Integrated Design's own powerful servers and when ready you can submit your design to Integrated Design for processing and printing.   Pick up your creation at the nearest pokemon center's data matrix.
All your creations will then be publicly available for printing by any future customer,  to which you, the creator,  will receive no less than a 10% profit from the purchase!   The creator pays only 25% the cost of the TM they made to obtain it for themselves.
Cost: 1,000c.

Datastick Upgrade.
By increasing the cost of your purchase by 50c,  you can add additional uses to your TMs per 50c.

Retriever Drive.
The Retriever Drive is a special modification to the TM structure that allows the TM to be used,  but then applied again to make the pokemon forget the move and make the TM available for use again on a different pokemon.  Retriever Drives function as their own applicator. 
Retriever Drives cost 50% the TM's cost added again.   Retrievers do not function with Datasticks.

The device the TMs are loaded into to be applied to a pokemon.
Costs 25c.

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