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Post by TeeJay on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:05 pm

Player Details

Alias: TJ
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Notes: I own you all o.o

General Details

Name/Alias: Ilyse Voss
Age/Birthday: 34, December 5th
Hometown: (Where was the character born/raised, where does the character currently live?  Give a brief description of their current residence, if any, and if anyone else lives there.)
Sexuality: Pansexual

Trainer Details

Race: Hydreigon Hybrid
Occupation: (Trainer, Breeder, Theatrics, Researcher, Thief, Brute, Cop, and Ranger.)
Starting Pokemon: Hydreigon (herself)
Starting Tech: (Starting equipment)

Cosmetic Details
Details regarding your character's appearance.

Height: 6'10"
Weight: 239 lbs
Body Type: The long frame of Ilyse is bound in a fair amount of muscle. While she doesn't look like a muscle builder, she's by far a noticeable athlete with how toned she is. What's odd is that she isn't the same kind of tall someone would normally be at 6'10". Ilyse simply looks as if a normal sized women was scaled up instead of stretched out.  
Body Issues: It has been well documented that Hydreigon's have voracious appetites. Ilyse's metabolism is quite high, and requires a high amount of calories to keep her going, normally sitting up around 30,000-40,000 kcal a day (1 kcal is what we normally call a food calorie).
The other feature she has taken from her other half has caused an opening on both of her hands on the palm. These holes are basically second (and third) mouths that are connected to her digestive tract, but do to natural constraints, they can only allow mainly liquids all the way through their tracts on the way to the stomach, as more solid objects would only get lodged. Unlike Hydreigons, these mouths luckily don't have a mind of their own, but can add in helping her attacks (i.e. flamethrower, hyper beam, ect).
Skin Color: Ilyse's skin is a light dark, almost caramel like tone.
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Ilyse's hair is a dark shade of purple, due in thanks to the experiment that combined her with hydreigon DNA. Her hair parts into her mess bangs in the front, while the rest is in a high ponytail in the back. Her hair reaches down to just below her shoulder blades.
Features: N/A
Clothing: The only clothing that Ilyse wears on a consistent basis is a black, sleeveless leotard that replaces the straps with a collar around the neck to hold it up. The leotard ends with a V-shape, which shows off a great deal of her hips. She accompanies the suit with black, tight fighting thigh high, elastic stockings that are torn open at the feet, allowing them to be opened to the air. Lastly, she wears a pair of black elbow sleeves. Her style is normally quite simplistic. Ilyse doesn't care for how her outfit looks, as long as it works, as obvious as it seems by how little is left to the imagination by what she wears now.
Face Claim: Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach (A character from an anime or manga whom you claim as your Face, to serve as an existing character with artwork that best represents your character.  Optional,  but highly recommended.  Include an image here,  within a spoiler tag,  or if the images are of reasonable size (No more than 640 width), then you can post them throughout this application in a tasteful manner)

Persona Details

Voice:  Short clip, but sums it up well.
Mannerisms/Habits: Aggression- True to what she was made from, Ilyse is a very intense person. She is very easy to get in an angry mood, almost to the point as if she is looking for an excuse to fight anyone or anything. Once angered, she is ruthless without restraint. In a fight, she’ll even have a nice large grin across her face the entire time. She enjoys letting her anger control her at times. The sweet satisfaction afterwards is always worth it.

Dominant- Ilyse is an alpha. She prefers it when she’s the one putting fear in everyone’s mind. Being on top is a great thing in her mind. She even seems to just enjoy making people squirm from putting pressure on them. Being out of control puts her in an uneasy state. She’ll become much more defensive and hesitant, and just a tad bit more grouchy.

Arrogant- Having been a war hero, and quite a force to be reckoned with, Ilyse is fairly full of herself. She always has a smug sense about herself, thinking that she can outdo just about anyone, and anyone that does oneup her is just stricken from her memory and ignored by her. She tends to be a bit spiteful about these kinds of things, and can sometimes lead to her being vindictive.

Ill-mannered: Regardless of her sobriety, Ilyse is always ill-mannered. They’re just a waste of time and restrictive in her mind.

Alcoholic- Ilyse seems to have quite the issue with drinking, and boy can she put away a drink. Hell, she might be safer to be around while drunk. Her aggression and dominant nature just seem to vanish and leave behind a bubbly, joyous, and a lot more approachable woman. Hell, she even becomes a bit of a hugger. Typically, it’s best to keep her ever so slightly buzzed to be a little more agreeable.

Mental Issues:  Another issue that comes from her hybridization with a hyper aggressive speices, Ilyse suffers from IED, or intermediate explosive disorder. She often over reacts (Any mental issues?  Depression, Paranoia,  Narcissism, ect)
Likes:  (Favored foods, activities, type of people, movies, ect.  What things do they enjoy.  At least three.)
Dislikes: (The opposite of the above.  What things bother them?  What agitates or disgusts the character?  At least three.)
Goals:  (What goals do they have in life? At least one notable goal.)

  • Fight:
  • Flight:
  • Panic: Now, there aren't a lot of things that a hydreigon are afraid of. For better or worse, they don't really back down from anything. But the one

(What does the character fear?  Try to include a Fight instinct fear,  a Flight instinct fear,  and a Panic instinct fear.  At least one reasonably serious fear,  that can't be a Fight instinct fear)

Relationship Status:  (Any living family members,  friends, lovers,  a boss,  ect.)
History:  The character's history up to the current events.   Minimum 300 words,  and history will be judged for plausibility.
Referral:  Who referred you to the site?  Did you see an advertisement?  Who posted it?   Or did someone refer you personally?  Write their name and source here.   If you do,  you will receive an additional 25 starting credits and a rare candy.  If you are an alternate account of an existing account,  enter your main account here to receive a free premier ball to start.


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