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Post by Sirenapples on Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:36 pm

Region Map! IQiBjiQU
Map is not to scale.   City markers are not indicative to actual size.   The Region is in actuality comparable to the entire state of Texas in size with each Metro area taking up dozens of miles.

The region of Noxis is tropical and heavily mountainous with lots of pointed mountains and ridges with heavy jungle density.   The whole region is very large,  unlike the scale displayed in the games.  It would take months to walk casually from one side of the region to the next assuming you don't stop for anything other than 3 meals and sleep,  and a straight course.   Luckily there are raised roads connecting all major urban centers,  long stretches of road held up on sturdy reinforced concrete pillars that blend in with the environment and there aren't side roads that break off due to the culture of walking.   Most cars are capable of driving themselves,  particularly useful if you walk a ways a way but stored your car far away,  as such if you do have a car you can call it from anywhere and wait for it to arrive.   

Most people,  especially trainers,  shun the use of vehicles and the grip the pokemon league has on the world lead to the confinement of vehicle travel in the way it is.  You rarely see cars or trucks because they're kept out of the way due to this mindset.  The exception are large cargo vehicles.   Boats and aircraft are an exception to this.  Boats more than aircraft.  But you commonly see boats and the culture sees no problems with it.  It's far easier to find a ferry than it is to find a car or bus,  though they do exist.   

Most people don't leave their hometowns,  a fact especially true in the past.  Which lead to the individual locations to grow in relative isolation from the others to develop their own local customs, traditions,  and even whole cultures.  The biggest source of travel are Trainers.  Anyone who travels is considered to be a trainer,  which is true in most cases.  It's hard to travel without being a trainer and so most simply don't.    The Metros and even Cities have much to offer and no one could ever see everything there is to be seen in a metro within their whole lifetime.  

Important Notes:

There is no glass except in very old buildings that are outside of the major cities, maybe in the Towns or in the Blitheweather Manor.   Glass has been replaced by planes of energy that serve the same purpose but can be used for so much more,  being used as a screen,  changing the opacity,  and so on.   Whats more,  this Holo-glass can be instantly repaired by recycling it's currents,  and leaves no shards when shatters as the energy dissipates once disconnected from the frame.

Glasses exist but they too use Holo-glass.  Holo-glass has completely replaced it,  and now normal glass is referred to as Shard-glass whole Holo-glass is referred to just as "glass".

ALL majorpoints of urban landscale are made of smart materials that can regenerate,   almost all pavement,  sidewalk,  and buildings in major population centers such as the inner most populated sections of the Metros or Cities.   In towns,  not everything is made with this except important bridges and such.  All roads connecting the cities/metros are made this way.    The smart material can take any shape or consistency,  and as such can appear to be wood, stone, brick, asphalt,  ect.

1- Bouvardia Town.
2- Caspia Town.
3- Apriscott Metro. [Airport.  Science Institute. Space X]
4- Freesia Town.
5- Pine City.
6- Rosen Town.
7- Cherrys Metro.  [Pokemon Carnival. Mall.  Pumpkin Fields]
8- Oak City.
9- New Berry Metro [Aquarium.  Docks.]
10- Mahogany City
11- Applantic Metro [Sunken City.  Applewood Theater.]
12- Aspen City
13- Dragon Metro [Melusine Arena.  Red Light District.]
14- Dahlia Town.
15- Hawthorn City [Pokemon League]
16- Red Village
17- Blue Village
18- Green Village

A- Abandoned Temple
B- Blitheweather Manor
C- Mountain Pass
D- Safari Zone
E- Moonlight Forest
F- Western Cave
G- The Rift
H- Riverbottom Ruins
I- Junkland
J- Solaris Power Plant
K- Victory Road
L- Red Lake
M- Blue Forest
N- Green Desert
O- Ranger HQ

See the location's subforum for a description.

Handling the Routes: 
To determine your Route,  look on the map and the segment of route you are on,   find the closest two locations on that route and link them.  Route 1/A, for example.  Route 2/B.  Route 8/B.  B/C.  C/3.  And so on.  If this would overlap with another potential route,  the route is whichever location is closest,  then when the route splits the shorter segment is the other route.   For example:  Route 11/H,  then on the southern split the rest of the route is route 11/14.    Routes are always start with the westernmost location listed on the left,  with the easternmost on the right.  If they are on the same vertical plane,  a number is listed before a letter,  or in the case of two numbers the number representing the larger urban territory is listed first.   A Metro would go before a Town.
Different straight stretches or open sections of route (Open sections being squares rather than lines) are simply known by their closet point. So to classify the route surrounding Blitheweather Manor,  the route would be listed as:  Route B.

There are no forum locations for the given routes. However.  The Routes are none the less a significant portion of the RP and are handled by entering the route you are on in the Topic's title.  Such as:  "[Route 9/F]On the road again!".   These topics are placed in the Routes forum.


You must create a travel topic on EACH Route you pass.   Not including sub-routes (The a/b/cs attached at the end).    More rules located in the rules.    You don't need to create one for each alphabetical location,  only the numbers (The population centers).  You cannot create a topic in a location you have not traveled to in this manner.

Ignoring this rule will result in a 150 credit deduction,  or 10% of your total jewels.  Whichever is greater.  which can bring you into the negatives.

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