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Gabriella [Hybrid) UiYVjfHX
Player Details

Alias:  TJ
Gender: Male
Age:  20
Notes:  *shrugs* I go to college.

General Details

Name/Alias: Gabriella/Garchomp
Age/Birthday: 32 years old. Tends to act, and looks, more like someone in her early 20s
Hometown: Abonandoned cabin in the Rift
Sexuality: Pansexual - Gabby has always been a little eccentric about her tastes. She’ll take what she wants, when she wants it.

Trainer Details

Race:  Garchomp Hybrid
Occupation: Brute
Specialty:  ~
Starting Poke': Garchomp (Gabriella/Hybrid)
Starting Tech: Soft Sand
Specialty Skills:  

[Ma] Strength - Being a Garchomp hybrid, Gabby has a great deal of strength behind her. Garchomps are known for their ferocity. Strength will boost attack by 2% for each 10 ranks in the skill,  and has a loose relation to feats of strength.
[Ma] Speed - Garchomps have been clocked at mach 2  on occasion. Speed will boost speed by 2% for each 10 ranks in the skill, and has a loose relation to feats of speed.
[Ma] Acrobatics- Gabriella physical prowess make her quite atheltic. The user is able to jump quite high and increases as she levels up.

[Mi] Presence- A scarred up girl with sharp teeth and little fear can be quite intimidating. This skill does not function like the ability intimidate.
[Mi] Pokemon Knowledge- Ground
[Mi] Stamina-  Stamina directly influences the ability to prologue action,  having more energy to work with and/or draining less energy for doing certain things.  Stamina lets you do things for a longer period of time,  or go without sleep.
[Mi] Detection- Garchomps are sharks, and they are well known for their heightened senses. Detection allows you to have a pseudo 6th sense while the user’s senses are not inhibited.
[Mi] Resilience- Garchomp, like sharks, can receive very painful wounds that most would think if untreated could kill someone, but  sharks are able to shrug off infections and recover, leaving all sorts of nasty scars instead of needing treatment.

Cosmetic Details

Gabriella [Hybrid) QuIWbW6

Height: 7’2”
Weight: 243 lbs
Body Type: While quite tall, Gabby is actually proportional, she’s by no means stretched out. Being a hybrid with such a large species made her grow quite a bit more than most humans, even some hybrids. She’s a tab bit on the slender side when looking past the tall height, not being the most curvy woman out there, but, for lack of a better word, she’s ~pleasantly plump~ (Average size for someone her height). But don’t be fooled, she’s got more than a fair bit of muscle hidden on her, and if given the chance, show you that she’s not to be messed with.
Body Issues: Is blind in her right eye.
Skin Color: Light skinned
Eyes: Golden left eye, and a duller gold in her right (clearly showing that she’s blind.)
Hair: Dark blue hair that is kept cut quite short. She often keeps it under a hat, but it’s normally quite messy.
Features: Her body is covered in main scars. The most notable being a scar across the right side of her face, directly over her eye; a scar on the left side of her neck; and a long scar across her left, upper leg. She’s also quite large (height wise >.>). When blended, she grows several spikes out of her skin on her arms and legs, as well as her teeth becoming sharper and more pronounced.
Clothing: Typically, you can expect to see Gabby wearing her normal blue and red theme for most of her outfits, a side effect of her time being experimented on. She tends to always keep the same hat on top of her head, no matter what she’s wearing, even if she’s trying to sleep. It is a very large, blue, captain’s hat with a darker blue ribbon tied off on the side of it. Her most common attire looks mostly like a fleet admiral coat, being mainly dark blue with a red center that doubles as a sort of skirt. The back side of her jacket also has a long tail to it that is tied into a knot. She also dons a golden belt that is quite large along with gold buttons holding the suit together. Rounding out her normal outfit, she wears a dark blue garter with a lighter colored boots to pair with a large, loose fitting overcoat.

Face Claim: Garchomp Gijinka

Persona Details

Gabby has always been a bit on the eccentric side. She has always struggled with her temper, often being inappropriately angry for the situation. It’s often quite easy to get under her skin, and combined with her short fuse, things can get ugly quite fast with her. With how often her fuse goes off, she rarely thinks things all the way through, but doesn’t often care about her recklessness.

Another part of her mood swings includes a bit of a sweeter side to the large monster. Once someone has caught her fancy, she tends to become pretty attached to them. Those that find themselves in this position have an almost docile Gabriella, one that almost treats you like a precious pet. She'll rub up on you, pet your head, give you a pet name, and even have a longer fuse on her anger when doing something she's annoyed by. But be warned, Gabriella sees you as her possession at this point, and abandoning her might be a little unhealthy for your life, and even the smallest hint of someone trying to get away from her can be troublesome. Only in this kind of mood is Gabriella really able to be convinced into doing something for you.

How Gabby sees someone can vary greatly. For some reason, she’ll either treat someone like an inanimate object, or start idealizing them (often leading to her wanting the person). There really isn’t a pattern to whom this can occur. Those that are no more than objects to her can expect her to never feel any sympathy from her, or help. To her, you're nothing more than a stepping stone for her to use as she pleases.

Gabriella has a sever lack of boundaries. Being a lab experiment, personal space was not a given, which could be a double edge sword. She doesn’t have a single care about being nude in public, and if someone were to start getting personal, she wouldn’t really care unless they were becoming a burden; however, this also means that Gabby doesn’t understand other’s personal space, nor does she care about anyone’s complaint about it. She's virtually immune to embarrassment, having no issues with her body or caring if she does something awkward in front of a crowd.

Gabby has always been a little impulsive, doing quite a few crazy things on a whim. She has been known to drink a little too much from time to time, but oddly enough she will only drink rum when it comes to alcohol, and nothing else. If there's something that interests her, she'll be on top of what ever it is in no time and trying it out.

Mental Issues:
Psyche Break- Gabriella suffers from the same psyche break that most other hybrids suffer from. If she isn’t wearing something relevant to her species, she tends to fidget around and becomes hysterical, before she gets to the point where she’ll strip herself nude right then and there.

Bipolar Disorder- Gabriella suffers from an acute case of BPD, and has many common symptoms. Most of her issues will be discussed in the mannerisms section.

Rum: Gabby loves the drink, and becomes quite willing when it comes to trading for it.
Pain: The garchomp girl tends to be a little masochistic at times, and loves it when someone hurts her physically.
Fighting: Gabriella, while she loves taking pain, she also loves dishing it out and when given the chance to fight someone, she’ll gladly jump in.
Mud  baths: Well, she is a ground type pokemon, and she loves herself a nice mud bath.

The Cold: Being both a ground and a dragon type, Gabby has quite the dislike for ice and cold weather, steering well clear of both.
Not getting her way: A tad bit childish, but its true. Not getting something she wants tends to make her a -bit- violent.
Fairies: Ech…. Just don’t… She hates those pesky little things.
Being babied: She doesn’t want help, nor does she need your help (in her mind).
Goals:  Finding who it was that gave her the scar across her face.
Flight-Open Water: While Gabby is alright in shallow water, and has the ability to learn to surf, Gabby is terrified of open water. She typically starts to freeze up in that kind of situation. It’s less of the fear of the water itself, and more of a fear of what could be lurking out where she can’t see.

Fight- Capture. Being controlled is one of Gabby’s worse fears. She remembers her life as a test subject, and hated being under their control. She will do whatever she can to break away and gain her freedom.

Relationship Status:  N/A
History:  Gabriella is a pure blooded hybrid (clear as mud), meaning that she was created in a lab. She was infused with the DNA of a Garchomp, the goal of the scientist being to try create a soldier born for fighting with the immense strength and speed of a monstrous Garchomp. The scientist seemed to overlook one small problem. The bigger the monster the harder it is to control.

Gabriella was very aggressive straight away, even while she was small and still developing. She would kick, bite, punch, and scream at any handlers, often having to be sedated when she was being tested on just to keep her from squirming. As she grew, she became more and more resistance, slashing out and making every handler afraid to enter her cell without any restraints already on her, especially after ripping a scientist’s throat out.

Eventually, the scientists were able to create a strong enough straight jacket that could hold her back, performing more and more tests on her. Eventually, they were able to even control her enough as a way of subduing other test subjects, being thrown against them to beat them into an unconscious pulp. She was effective, but at times would be a little over powering and wind up killing a few subjects, and she loved it. The feeling of smashing someone’s face in excited her greatly, and the shock that went through her as they hit her back only drove her more.

However, she had eventually met her match. She was thrown in as a last ditch effort against an extremely violent subject. She didn’t stand a chance as the monster slashed her right across her face, leaving a deep scar and a now blind eye. Her world went blank after that moment, her body going limp as it was flung to the side. She was swept up in the aftermath as just another casualty, the clean up crew spending little time to actually check for Gabby’s still beating heart.

She had awoken some time later, surrounded in dead bodies that had been dumped near the rift. She stumbled out of the mass of decaying bodies, her brain giving out a splitting headache as the cut across her face still echoed pain through her body, and she loved it. She collapsed some time after, no long able to hold herself back before taking care of the issue, still covered in blood and mud. Eventually, she stumbled across an old abandoned cabin. Taking shelter inside, she discovered that most things within still functioned perfectly, taking the opportunity to clean herself up and even discovered her iconic outfit, still looking as worn as it is now. Nowadays, she can be found either lurking about the Rift and occasionally appearing in Pine City for some enjoyment.

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