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Race Rules

Races are what your character is,  vs who they are (Character app),  and what they do (Occupation).   They are another point of customization for your character and are separate from your occupation,  but give similar benefits and change how your character works in some way.   

There are FOUR major races in Noxis,  the dominate by far being Human with Psychic coming in next while the last two are rare and are seen as inhuman and have little to no rights as a human and their quality of life depends on the generosity of those who have power over them,  whether that be themselves or a master.   Hybrid... and Cyborg.

Each race has it's own abilities and limitations unique to it's race with sufficient ups and downs and what you choose can dramatically change how you play and what you can or can't do in-character.  


Hybrids are new to the world and there is yet to be any sort of laws or regulations in place.   They are not recognized as human and have the same rights as a pokemon would.   Which is to say very little outside of basic moral decency, which itself is different from reality which is readily apparent by the fact that pokemon are regularly captured and made to fight others. To be a hybrid,  the character must be born a hybrid which can happen naturally if a parent was a hybrid.

OR,  a hybrid can be freshly born in a laboratory.   Hybrids are the product of Team FUSE but are occasionally abandoned for one reason or another,  or escape.  Sometimes they are let go willingly, but only for the purpose that they may cause chaos. Humans and mutants can become hybrids later in life through abduction and subject to Fuse testing.

Hybrids are susceptible to being captured by any run of the mill pokeball and are equally subject to the bond that capture makes between the trainer and their captured pokemon.  It's similar to Stockholm Syndrome in which a captive grows to love their captor.
No one particularly cares due to "discrimination" against them.

This discrimination is very supported by the fact that hybrids all have markers or traits identifying them as a hybrid of a pokemon,  such as an absol horn,  tails,  skin color,  or more drastic changes such as a bone structure more closely resembling their pokemon,  or ostentatious wings.
Furthermore,  Hybrids suffer a sort of psychological schism when their visual appearance doesn't match the theme of their pokemon.   If they are wearing clothes that don't fit the theme,  they have a mental disconnect and don't recognize themselves in the mirror and feel as though they are separate from their body,  and rapidly become depressed.

Pokemon used by a Hybrid cannot exceed their own level.

Hybrids count as one of the six pokemon in their own team, with the Hybrid counting as their own starter pokemon.

A Hybrid can't lock pokeballs, meaning their pokemon can always enter or leave their pokeballs at their whim. Pokeballs rely on establishing a connection between a trainer and the pokemon through the ball.  Pokeballs struggle to attach this link between a Hybrid and a Pokemon due to the blended DNA of the hybrid and altered brain and emotional chemistry.

Hybrids can be found in the wild but are very rare (And must be played by another person). Catching them is difficult do to their strange racial traits and are difficult for pokeballs to catch:  A Player may resist capture if another attempts to do so. Do be careful of Master Balls though, and if you take enough hits and pokeballs to the face chances are you need to accept capture sooner or later.  Just be careful if you don't want this to happen. Hybrids are legal for use in official pokemon battles and one was seen used to battle in the Challenger Series last year,  though they didn't make it far. The hybrid has to actually have a personality relevant to the pokemon, for example, a Hydreigon Hybrid isn't going to be cute and cuddly.

Hybrids are rare enough already.  A Hybrid character cannot be of a legendary pokemon and cannot be shiny unless you win the option through events, or pay credits for it (don't worry, no real world money will EVERY be needed on this site, nor will I accept any). Hybrids are able to use Mega keys, and are able to mega-evolve using their species respective stones as well, though this can be quite detrimental to the hybrid's health since normally two holders (a trainer and a pokemon) are required.


Cyborgs share the similar social penalties that Hybrids suffer from,  but to an even greater extent as Cyborgs aren't even living beings (And yes I'm aware of the distinction between Cyborgs vs Andr/Gynoids).  Cyborgs have variable programming so their priorities,  personality,  and protocols are all subject to change between one cyborg to the next.

Like Hybrids are susceptible to being captured by ordinary trainers,  Cyborgs are susceptible to being repurposed by Hackers. A Hacker can wirelessly make attempts at breaking their internal security and taking control over their actions to various degrees or rewrite portions of their personality.   

Cyborgs also are a pain to get through airport security,  and fail metal detectors.

Cyborgs were the product of Team Holo,  though once the first AI escaped other AI's have been cropping up every now and then. Team Holo holds the dominate share of the technology but even that leaks every now and then,  usually along with an AI.  

A Cyborg can modify their body by making upgrades and submitting them to a shop for evaluation and pricing,  then by spending credits can augment themselves with different features. They start out off the bat with 500 credits worth of features.

Like Hybrids can be paired well with Trainers or Breeders,  Cyborgs can be paired well with Researchers and Hackers. Hackers can reinforce their programming and help them run,  and Researchers can help fix them and invent new things for them.

Cyborgs are more durable than humans and are considered to be Steel and Electric type pokemon.

Cyborgs cannot die,  but they can be erased and in essence die leaving behind a shell that can be reanimated with a new ego,  the Ego being a person's intelligence and who they are.

A Cyborg can look like anything,  whether it be four legged,  a wrist watch,  or look like a human being.   The Cyborg themselves are just artificial intelligence which can be housed in any device,  though they have their default "Frame"/Body.  

All versions of Cyborgs are not allowed to apply for being a trainer currently.

Androids are completely cybernetic and are obviously nonliving robots.  They have little to no free will and completely serve the directives they are given by their commander.  They are less of an Artificial Intelligence and more like a Virtual Intelligence.

Clones follow the same general rules as the Cyborg but they are organic and look like their living counterpart.     They cannot be upgraded with things but they are programmable and such.   Many public service workers are clones,  including the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys.


Psychics are humans who are gifted with psychic power.  They have mental issues and are usually frail of body to some extent. Psychics have a checkered past but are generally regarded as humans all the same though most humans who lack common decency often view them as less than human in a similar manner to how the blacks were historically treated, but with a lot more fear. Psychics tend to have rough childhoods and their psychic abilities have an impact on their mind. Though if a Psychic is careful enough, they can quite easily live a comfortable life, as long as they don't have any sort of episode that is.

Psychics may face prejudice In Character, such as being banned from some public areas. Psychics possess quite a unique and powerful abilities, and that frightens people quite a bit since they normally have some kind of mental disorder to go with their abilities.

All psychics get one elemental connection to either Fire, Ice, Electric, Poison, Dark, or Flying. They can have psychic abilities related to that element and are considered to be Psychic / [Chosen Element] typed.


Humans are humans.

Humans have no drawback aside from not having fancy racial abilities.  


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