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Ranks and Exp [WIP] Empty Ranks and Exp [WIP]

Post by TeeJay on Sat Jun 18, 2016 6:59 pm

Leveling on Pokemon Rift will work quite a bit different from the games. There won't be any hard levels, more or less groups to represent a tier that your pokemon is in. These ranks are;

  • Neophyte 1-10
  • Rookie 11-20
  • Novice 21-30
  • Amateur 31-40
  • Intermediate 41-50
  • Adept 51-60
  • Expert 61-70
  • Master 71-80
  • Grand Master 81-90
  • Challenger 91-100

The numbers next to the ranks are examples of what they are in terms of game levels. Unlike the game, you do not gain experience from battling wild pokemon, instead, you (if you're a hybrid) and your pokemon gain experience from battles against other organized forces. Only hitting against a machine that throws a fast ball won't prepare you for the curve. Once you reach a new rank, all moves that pokemon learns in those levels become available to you, and upon reaching the Expert rank, all egg moves become unlocked. At Master tier, all tutor moves are unlocked. At Grand Master, you gain an extra two move slots. Upon reaching Challenger tier, -insert reward i'm still thinking out...-
As well... the amount of battles it takes to raise up in rank is not quite decided yet as well...


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