Birds Of Prey- A Warrior's Roleplay

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Birds Of Prey- A Warrior's Roleplay

Post by Timberstar on Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:42 am

An Eagle. A Falcon. A Raven. A Hawk. An Owl. A Vulture.
Thus began the six Clans, in peace. Until one turned against five. War ensued, with EagleClan, FalconClan, RavenClan, HawkClan, and OwlClan victorious. Cast out of the Clans, VultureClan dissolved. But now a rebel group has formed, calling themselves the Vultures. With new leadership among RavenClan, could a rogue alliance form, to shatter the peace again? This time, forever?
Welcome to the Birds of Prey.
Join us.


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