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Post by Sirenapples on Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:35 am

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The Rift

The Rift is the name of a large "rift" in the massive mountain landscape of the center Noxis,  where the land swoops down in a great rift spanning dozens of miles across to stretch down to a low of -850 feet below sea level at it's lowest (not counting caves or anything like that).   It's steep at first with lots of sharp cliffs that drop off from the mountain range suddenly that then slope into the Rift to more gradually slope downward towards the center.    Despite the enormity of the Rift,  the Rift is still isolated because the entire area is ringed with cliffs making it difficult to enter or leave,  though ranger outposts are often build into the side of it and include walkways or even industrial elevators.    In two locations the cliffs were leveled to make a managable slope where large machinery can be driven into the Rift,   which was used to clear a way across the outer rim of the Rift and aid in the construction of outer ranger stations.   They'll be used again in the future with plans to power a path way through the heart of the Rift with the same equipment but something always comes up that prevents the plan from taking place.  Sometimes going as far as to having the head of the project or several of the lead crews suffering accident.   

The Rift is a very very, VERY humid location packed full of highly dense jungle and overgrowth.  It's wild and untamed,  though along the mountain range surrounding the Rift are safe trails and roads that lead to a city that sits on the brink of it.    Rangers regularly have to go on rescue missions to retrieve the unfortunates who dared the Rift.   Adventuring into the rift is dangerous,  the land itself,  the wild pokemon,  the humidity,   everything in the Rift seems to try to end the lives of those who enter.    Whether it be sudden drop offs,   speeding rivers and water falls,  or wild pokemon looking for a meal,   or disease carrying insects.   There are only four ranger stations located within the Rift itself,  and they serve primarily for research and to keep people from entering the heart of the Rift,  where literally no one who has entered has come back.

The area is full of wild pokemon,  however.  Especially grass and flying types,  making it a draw to trainers to explore.   If trainers don't make it to a ranger station by nightfall, however,  a search party is immediately called out before the light dies out.

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