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Post by Sirenapples on Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:18 pm

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Bouvardia Town

Bouvardia Town is a smaller town in the Noxis region, it isn’t located on the mainland, and instead it’s off on one of the islands surrounding the mainland. The town itself is pretty simple. They have a shipyard where incoming ships stop to drop of both passengers and sellable goods. Along the 5 total streets one can find a few simple shops and cafes, along with small apartment buildings where incoming travelers can stay until they move onto the next town. The town itself is located within a two mile radius and hasn’t grown much since its founding. The people ussually travel by pokemon, bike or foot. Sometimes an occasional roller skater can be seen. The town’s buildings have been carefully painted with greater detail than shown in the picture, and many walls are murals painted by some of the local artists. 
Most people arrive at the town’s dock instead of coming in from the path leading to Caspia Town. That is simply to say, many of the arrivals are from different regions. Some get off on Bouvardia, or wait to get off somewhere on the mainland. The new arrivals are greeted by the towns main street, lined with shops owned by the Archibald family such as the toy store, Café, and Herbal Remedy Shop. The next street is lined with small homes belonging to the families living there and decently sized hotels for visiting trainers can stay and rest for the night. The other three streets run perpendicular to these two streets. The center one leads straight through town and onto the path to Caspia town. When a trainer stands facing in that general direction, the parallel street a block to the left leads into the hills behind the town where the Lockwoods run their ranch. The street on the right side of the center street leads to a few warehouses where the Artists tend to stay.

The town itself may not have many unique places, but the people there are pretty unique. There are four distinct family groups of people living in the town and they have lived there for generations. The Lockwoods are a large group of pokemon breeders who live in the hilly area on the opposite side of town from the docks. Near the docks one can usually find at least one of the Scottfields, another of the distinct families. They are a family of fishermen and ship builders. The town itself has two other larger families. The Archibalds are the family that seem to run most of the buisness’s like the Archibald Café and the Archi Toy Stop. The last major family are the Medina’s, a smaller family of artists. The four families share strong bonds with one another and have worked together since the town’s found several generations ago.


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