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Post by Sirenapples on Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:43 am

Junkland Info Junkya10

Junkland is a territory cradled in a basin between Applantic and and Aspen surrounded in mountains that both shield it from view and keep away unpleasant smells for the most part though sometimes depending on the weather and time of year it might leak away to taint the eastward.   The wind in general comes from the west,  blowing it into the mountains on the east rather than the opening towards the south-west of the Junkland.     So the Junkland is nicely tucked away.   

The Junkland is a great landscape of trash and scrap stretching as far as the eye can see that has accumulated over a few centuries of civilization    There is an active volcano nestled at the very back of the Junkland where pokemon and humans sentenced to the Junkland alike carry trash to for disposal.  Human criminals are often sent here to serve sentences rather than staying in jails or facing execution.  Here,  they live in scrap hovels and sort items every day,  living off what they can find.  The more good items and scrap they can collect to turn into the security personnel,  the more food and water rations they are given as well as slowly working their sentence away.   

Past the security checkpoints and the heavy concrete wall that encircles the Junkland starting from the ends of the small C-shaped mountain range there is no other security and people in the Junklands are on their own.  People are advised to stay away but the security personel allow trainers to enter the area,  though are cautioned against it as the people of the Junkland are often violent.

Despite this,  the Junkland holds a draw to trainers because of the wide variety of Poison, Steel, and Fire type pokemon that can be found in the area.   Aggron are occasionally seen as well coming from the mountain to enter the Junkland to dine on iron scraps before returning.   There are at least three identified Aggron living in the mountain range surrounding the Junkland and territory disputes between them aren't exactly rare,  especially when it's a newly evolved Aggron or migrating one looking for a spot to claim.  

Trainers entering the area are given breathing apparatuses to use when they enter the Junkland,  as some areas are dangerous to breath in,  which is just another reason the inhabitants of Junkland would not take kindly to trainers,  as they have to work hard to sort scrap to trade for new filters or new breathers themselves.   It's safer towards the volcano or towards the walls to breathe,  but closer to the wall is also where the more violent types are lying in wait to ambush trainers,  often using makeshift weapons or tamed junkland pokemon.

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